"Model rogue parties to save the world from Meta"

Claris is a collective of models and NFTs artists who unites to unleash their creativity in art and fashion, while building a new future. With their DAOs models and creators are finally reaching their financial independence and control of their future, they are now a new blockchain native nation.

Why the Claris nation

The purpose of the Claris nation is to allow models, NFTs artists to aggregate crypto & NFT wealth while organizing the most memorable events on the planet. To generate revenues the collective will host parties, NFTs expositions, charity galas and others, whose profits will be collected in the DAO treasury.

Dao governance & Treasury

The governance of the collective belongs to its people and investors. By holding $CLARIS, people will be able to vote in the DAO to influence its decision on which parties, NFTs events or trips to organize. But also on how to invest in them: purchasing NFTs of certain artists or other real world asset such as Prada bags and so on to be a valuable investment in the DAO.

Artists and events

Claris will actively partner with top NFT artists to organize, support their events and initiatives. While participating to the events models will be able to get $CLARIS. The Claris DAO will organize parties across the world fashion capitals.

The venues of the Claris Nation

Owning Claris, models will be able to access to restaurants, gyms, hair&beauty saloons that are supporting the Claris nation. The collective is costantly selecting new places to be added.


Claris nation manifesto

Claris is a blockchain Republic that emancipates models from the model agency dogmas, the oppressive financial system and Instagram distopia that portrais them as successful while de facto impoverishing them.

Without a financial structure that can protect their own interests, models will always be the least important players of the fashion industry.

In a model state, models don’t lose money when going to a restaurant or to a gym but are instead earning currency. They are not passively being invited to events and activities, but they are organizing their own while collecting important profits. If they want to organize a private trip to Mykonos and Ibiza, with the DAO, they have the infrastructure to fundraise and organize it.

In an model nation, models rule their own financial system, with their own central bank to protect their currency, their own decenetralized Onlyfans and their own decentralized agency.

Why a DAO?

In 2021 DAOs started gaining popularity as social experiments even outside from the Defi world with projects such as the Constitution DAO and others. Through Claris we will be able to see how private events would look like if they were born in the fashion models mind instead.

The Claris tokenomics

Token total supply


Token total supply


Token initial pricing


Advisors 3
DAO 5.8
Private Sale 12.5
Public Sale 5
Party & Earn 17.5
Staking 20
Team 16.3

Party & Earn

The DAOs is incentivizing models to take part to its events, parties and trip, by allocation 25% of the total tokens in a already seen“play to earn” fashion . Through this mean, the organic growth of the community and its activities are getting supercharged. A portion of this 25% is also thought for airdrops and celebrities invitation rewards.